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Short Cycling Guides to Everywhere in Europe and Nearby
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Welcome to Europe by Bicycle

Since 2009 I've cycle-toured over 40,000 miles / 60,000 km, through every country in Europe except Iceland, many several times, and to every capital city except Moscow and Reykavik. A map of where I've been is shown below. On this site I've tried to compile what I've learnt about cycle touring into country guides that I hope will be useful to others. Please have a look.

This site originally began life as, the name of my 22,000 mile cycling and studying project, as written about in my first book, No Place Like Home, Thank God. That name is now a little irrelevant and the website's information was getting a tad dated. So I've decided on a better name for the site and to update the information. Last year I cycled 6,000 miles through many regions of Europe I'd never cycled before, including some you're really not supposed to visit, and I'm currently incorporating what I learned. Exciting plans I have for 2020 and beyond should enable me to keep this site relevant.

If you have something to add to the information provided here - and I sincerely hope you do - either agreeing or, more crucially, disagreeing, then please get in touch, especially if you can provide a link to a blog or something that tells your story first-hand.

Best wishes,
Steven Primrose-Smith

Steven Primrose-Smith

(Yes, I know my eyebrows are weird.)

Where I've Cycled


1,600 miles, Isle of Man to Nerja, Spain, 2009
22,000 miles, 52 capitals, 2011-13 (No Place Like Home, Thank God)
3,500+ miles, budget of £1 a day with fishing and foraging, Liverpool to Gibraltar, 2015 (Hungry for Miles)
5,000 miles, every county in Britain, 2016 [not shown] (Route Britannia in two parts)
6,000 miles, 39 often dodgy, independence-seeking regions, 2018 (Biking Broken Europe)
+ other several shorter tours around southern Spain (not shown)

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Britain South

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Britain North

Biking Broken Europe

NEW! Dodgy Europe

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