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Cycling in Isle of Man

Isle of Man In A Nutshell

If a few days of good weather has been forecast you could do a lot worse than head over to the Isle of Man. It has plenty of bleakly beautiful, desolate moorland. Then roll into Peel and get a kipper butty and an ice cream.

Where and When I Went

I've been loadsa times. Almost all my family live there. I think I've cycled every road of the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man-specific Issues

Whatever you do, don't come during TT Week (around the first week of June). You won't find any accommodation and you're liable to be squished by a German motorcyclist screaming along on tiny, unfamiliar lanes at 150 mph.

If there's any aspect of the Isle of Man that doesn't appeal to you, then please, please, fer Christ's sake don't appeal to a local. They're sick of your sort of touristic whinging. And they'll tell you to your face too. After all - the Isle of Man's wonderfully direct catchphrase is approaching - "there's a ferry in the morning." Unless the weather is shite, that is. And don't complain about that either, otherwise you'll get stuck in some sort of weird loop.

Isle of Man's Scenery

When the weather is nice, the Isle of Man is stunningly beautiful. It's just a pity it doesn't happen very often.

Isle of Man's Road Quality

Roads are good. The issue of motorcyclists during TT Week is a problem, albeit lesser, at any other time of year. Many of the roads you'll want to cycle on have got no speed limits. It's a way of thinning the herd.

Isle of Man's Accommodation & Costs

As most of my family live here, I've never had to pay for a campsite or a hotel and so I can't help. Things here are usually more expensive than in the UK. Despite the Isle of Man being northern and remote, a pint of beer here is similar to English south-eastern prices (i.e., wincingly expensive) but usually with a friendlier smile (i.e., any sort of smile at all).


English. If you want a laugh, go into a shop and ask for something in Manx.

Neighbouring Countries

None. It's an island. There's a clue in the name. And whichever direction you choose - north, east, south or west - you will hit the United Kingdom first. If that doesn't sound any fun, then taking a sneaky route south-east will land you in Ireland.

Reasons To Go To The Isle Of Man

Very pretty scenery, kipper butties, Davison's toffee ice cream, to test your new raincoat.

Where Have You Written About Cycling In The Isle Of Man?

No Place Like Home, Thank God

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